Everyone knows that you need to have a strong presence online if you want to get ahead in the business world today. Standing out is important, and in a world where more people than ever before rely on the internet to provide them with the info they need to choose what company to do business with, your online presence is a vital part of any marketing strategy – no matter what area of business you specialize in. There are numerous things to think about including social media sites, a strong website, and blog posts that you keep regular. But you can branch out, as well. There are tools out there that can help, but at Guest Post HQ we have seen some of the most remarkable results imaginable through something as simple as guest posting. Guest blogging is just what it sounds like – the act of placing a blog post of your own on a blog that isn’t yours. Plenty of blog operators trade blog posts, and even those that don’t will often be up for letting guest bloggers sit in as long as their topic fits with the blog focus. It may seem like posting a blog on someone else’s site isn’t a smart move for your business, but in reality guest posting can boost your online presence in a significant way. Here are some of the key ways that guest blogging can help you grow your online presence. • First, it allows you to reach others that you may miss through your own blog. Even if you have hundreds of visitors per day, the chances are that many of them are return guests. By adding a post to another blog, you’ll get your information in front of people who follow it – people who may not ever have heard of you and your business before. • Second, it can boost SEO. Not only can a properly crafted blog post get a good rank in a SEO result list, but the links included in it may help boost rankings for your own site organically. And since organic SEO results are the main focus of sites like Google today, that’s important. • Guest posting also helps you become more of an authority. By making an educated, well-structured blog post elsewhere, you’ll be stepping outside your circle and letting others in the industry know that you are skilled in the field you focus on. • You’ll also improve overall brand awareness. Any marketing expert can tell you that brand awareness is a very important part of getting your company noticed, and with a guest post you’ll be able to build that awareness I n a big way. If you’re thinking of using guest posting to help spread the word about your business, you’re making a good call that could have a big impact on your company’s future. Contact us at Guest Post HQ today to find out more about how guest blogging works and how it can help your business stand out from all the rest in the online world.

How Can Guest Posting Help You Grow Your Online Presence?

Everyone knows that you need to have a strong presence online if you want to get ahead in the business world today. Standing out is important, and in a world where more people than ever before rely on the internet to provide them with the info they need to choose what company to do business with, your online presence is a vital part of any marketing strategy – no matter what area of business you specialize in.

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How to Find the Perfect Blogs to Publish your Guest Posts

Guest blogging is a fantastic way to increase your position in the search engines and help to build your credibility and reputation within your industry. But, as you probably already know, Google have been taking action against spammy guest blogging tactics, so it’s now more important than ever to make sure you’re only contributing to the highest quality sites.

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What is a PBN?

What is a Private Blog Network?

A private blog network (PBN) falls into a gray area somewhere between black-hat and white-hat SEO. Some people think it’s a miracle cure, while others say it’s a sure way to tank your hard-won search engine rank. Who’s right, and who’s wrong?

Neither and both (to continue our gray-area theme) are right. Technically speaking, there’s nothing wrong at all with a private blog network. A PBN is simply a series of blogs owned by one person, with links from those blogs pointing into a revenue-generating site or blog. Instead of going out to find other webmasters who may be interested in hosting content on their blog with links pointing to your website, you own the domains and include plenty of links from those sites into your primary domain. The primary domain is usually the money-making website or the site that you would like to rank well on the search engines.

Think of a private blog network like a group of friends and family who always give you positive referrals when you’re applying for a job. There’s nothing wrong with getting a recommendation letter from a friend who is the CEO of a company, but if you don’t disclose that he’s a good friend, that’s where the reference gets a little dicey. Private blog networks are similar in that they don’t disclose to the search engines that they are all owned by the same person, but that reference can still come in handy.

Google and other search engines tend to frown on private blog networks, but if they’re set-up correctly, they can and do propel your site to a great position in the search engine results pages, or SERPs. The key is doing them correctly, and for that, we’ve put together this guide to help you build your own PBN.

Let’s take a look at how private blog networks operate, and then compare the pros and cons of each. Finally, if you’re interested in pursuing this strategy, we’ll provide you with resources to develop your own network.

How Private Blog Networks Operate

So now that you understand just what exactly a private blog network is, let’s discuss how they work to boost your position on search engines.

As you may recall, one of the many factors that Google and other search engines use to determine your website’s position on the SERPs is the quality and quantity of backlinks pointing into your content. Search engines also consider factors such as the age of a domain, its content, and much more, with an estimated 200 factors going into the complex formula called an algorithm. That algorithm determines how well your web page matches a user’s query – and in turn, where it appears on the search engine results page.

A private blog network operates as follows:

  1. You set up your Primary Website, or money-making website. This is where all links should lead and the site for which you are trying to rank well. The site should be well optimized, and provide plenty of GREAT content for your customers.
  2. Next, you find expired domains through sites like ExpiredDomains.net. Expired domains were owned by someone who let their registration lapse. You can then legally purchase the domain name for about the same price you’d pay to buy a brand new domain name.
  3. For any domains you buy, it’s critical to investigate the backlinks to the domain to make sure it too is a good domain. Ahrefs is a great tool to check backlinks.
  4. You then set up a series of related domains or web properties, and refer traffic from your PBN sites to your Primary, money-making website.

Private blog networks aren’t easy to set up, and they do require care and maintenance similar to what you need to do for any website: update content, refresh your links, check for bad links, and more.

There are many benefits to private blog networks, however, that make the extra effort worthwhile. The biggest benefit of a PBN is, of course, the potential referral traffic it can send into your money-making site. If the referring domains have a good rank and domain authority too, they can also extend that halo-effect over the target site, boosting its rank and position. It’s like the old saying, “A rising tide raises all boats.” Good referring sites end up helping the Primary Site the most.

Another benefit of using private blog networks is the control you exert over the content. A guest blogging effort offers powerful link-juice for SEO, but you cannot control the referring page, content and anchor text. With a private blog network, you control all the referring domains, so you control all of the content. You can build high-quality content and good backlinks within your own network, controlling all parts of the process.

The Benefits of Expired Domains

One question you may have is, “Why bother finding expired domains? Why not just set up a whole bunch of new domains?”

The answer lies in how search engines view existing domains compared with new domains. Older domains often exert more power on the search engine algorithm than new domains. They lend cachet and gravitas towards the site. It’s as if the older domains tell the search engine, “I’ve been around a while. I’m not going anywhere. I have rank and authority here in this content area.”

Additionally, older domains have an existing backlink profile. The backlink profile refers to existing information the search engines have about the backlinks into the expired domain. Things such as the number of backlinks, the quality of those links, whether they are DoFollow or NoFollow and so on are all part of a backlinks profile. These also impart information that Google uses to increase (or decrease) domain authority and rank of your PBN. That, in turn, makes links from THAT domain into your target domain all the more attractive to a search engine.

What Makes a Good Expired Domain? It’s All About Backlinks

How many links are good links? Ten or more is ideal from an expired domain. You can look up the backlinks profile on Ahrefs or similar tools to find out how many links there are into an expired domain. You’ll want to pay attention to the number of backlinks, the number of unique referring domains, the percentage of backlinks that are DoFollow versus NoFollow, anchor text usage and so much more.

Be sure to check where those links are coming from, too. Make sure they are relevant. An expired domain that was originally set up to discuss diabetes, for example, would be more attractive if it had 10 links, and all of those links came from sites discussing health conditions, diets, weight loss, and so on. Links from .gov or .edu sites can be even more valuable to a domain since they reflect noncommercial interests with a deep level of authority; search engines like that.

Reviewing Expired Domains

In addition to reviewing the backlinks profile of expired domains you’re considering for purchase, there are other things you should examine. Like buying a used car, you want to walk around it, kick the tires a bit, look under the hood, and make sure everything works as the seller claims it does.

Tools such as the Wayback Machine provide you with a time capsule of the expired domain’s history. You can look at snapshots from the site’s crawlers, and see if the site’s past demonstrates a reliable and demonstrated history around a topic. That diabetes site used in the previous example should show screenshots demonstrating discussions around the topic of diabetes: signs, symptoms, diagnostic tools, medicines, dietary advice and so on.

Do you get the old content along with the expired domain? Maybe yes, but maybe no. There is a way to rebuild existing content from an expired domain, but it’s risky. You could potentially violate someone’s copyright license. Images, for example, are licensed to one holder, and buying the site may not automatically transfer image rights to you. The same with videos and text; someone owns the rights to their creative output, and you risk a nasty letter, DMCA report, or even legal action if you attempt to revive copy that was taken offline.
There are many ways to repopulate a site with fresh, great copy. Hire freelancers from sites such as Guru or Craigslist to build new content for your site. Use new keywords that you pull that all add weight to the SEO for your expired domain. Instead of taking shortcuts and risking legal action, do the right thing from the start if your purchased domain doesn’t come with copy.

Tips to Build a Blog Network

If you’re serious about dominating the SERPs for your niche and want to pursue private blog networks on your own, the following tips will help you get started:

  1. Research your potential purchases carefully. You’d hire an inspector to look at the plumbing, roof, and other issues of a used house you’re thinking of purchasing; do the same before purchasing domains. Inspect your purchase carefully. Know what you are buying.
  2. Purchase domains on different registrars. Don’t buy up a bunch from one company. It’s a red flag to the search engines. Spread the wealth. There are many registrars for domain names. You can combine some with your hosting purchases, or mix and match hosts and registrars.
  3. Hosts should also be different. Hosts such as GoDaddy, BlueHost, NameCheap and others should be varied so that it looks like a natural mix of websites coming into your site.
  4. Create new and engaging content. Content on each of your private blog network sites should be unique, and don’t copy anything online without permission. Additionally, make sure that the content on your target domain is also established before sending links into it. You want all of the sites in the network to be as polished as possible.
  5. Link only once to your target domain. It’s tempting to sprinkle links throughout the PBN to your target domain, but too many is also a red flag. Don’t make all of the links from the PBN sites into the same site. Link to other sites, too, just as you would if you were naturally linking content to a site you used for reference or inspiration.
  6. Use partial match anchor keywords to set the link. Partial match anchor text is the clickable text in a link, and uses phrases related to your keyword target as opposed to words like “click here” or “website.” Anchoring from a keyword phrase also adds link juice to your backlink.
  7. Link to other sites too from your PBN sites. The goal is to keep the links natural. A normal site has a natural mix of links from a blog post to other sites and content.

Turnkey Expired Domain Purchases

Let’s say you don’t want to fuss with all this background checking and tire kicking. There are great services out there that do the work for you. For those in a hurry to build their online empire, it’s a great convenience.

The Guest Posts offers a PBN service for a reasonable fee. For $500, the site’s services include finding, researching, and building PBNs customized to your Primary website.

If setup correctly, private blog networks are the easiest way to build a robust backlink profile for your website and help it reach the top position on the search engines. We can help. Check out our PBN Building Services for more information.

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Private Blog Network


Are you interested in building your own private blog network to rank your sites highly on Google? We can help. When it comes to finding the right expired domains, setting up different hosting for each site, creating custom content and not leaving a footprint, we have you covered. Select the category and how many sites you want to order and click ‘Add to Cart’ to complete your order. We’ll deliver a WordPress website you can further customize and add links to your money site. Once you have a successful private blog network set-up, you’ll be able to use it for link building and SEO as long as you want.

Product Description

We find premium expired domains that are powerful, relevant to your website and spam free. From there, we can build you an authoritative PBN with no footprint.  Once completed, you’ll have a PBN  that can be used to improve your search rankings.

Bulk discounts

Bulk Discounts Save money when you order in bulk: Order 10 guest posts and save 10% Order 20 guest posts or more posts and save 20% These discounts will be automatically applied at checkout when you order the required number of posts.

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Guest Blogging is one of the most effective link building techniques, and our link building service is safe, effective and worry free. Our clients include large agencies, individual webmasters, ecommerce stores, publishing platforms and anyone interested in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Out of more than 200 ranking factors, inbound links are the most important factor for ranking your website at the top of search. Guest blogs are a great way to build relevant links from reputable websites in your niche. Our link building service includes Automotive, Business, Finance, Health & Fitness, Home Improvement, Parenting, Sports, Technology and countless other categories catering to every website type – we have you covered. Whether it’s 5 blog posts or a few hundred, our link building service places blogs on authority websites at an affordable price. And, that’s not all – we offer custom packages and bulk discounts on larger orders of guest blogs. Get started with guest blogging today!


Our most frequently asked questions

1. Who writes the Guest Blog posts?

A member of our in-house writing team will write your content, all of whom are based in the United States and native English speakers. All of our content is 100% unique and never outsourced.

2. How long is each Guest Blog post?

It varies, but each post is at least 500 words.

3. Can I provide my own content?

Yes, of course. During checkout add a comment that you will be providing your own content and we will contact you to coordinate.

4. Are these real, quality websites?

Good question. Many of our competitors use automated software to post spun content on low quality sites. We do not! We only work with real websites managed by real people. We use Moz Domain Authority and Majestic Trust Flow to measure the authority of our partners. Today, we work with hundreds of websites in every content category.

5. Do you have sites matching my niche?

Yes, we have relationships with Automotive, Business, Finance, Home Improvement, Food, Fashion, Mommy, Parenting, Sports, Technology and Web Design, to name a few categories. We also work with News, Lifestyle and General websites, making sure we always have a match for you and your brand.

6. Can I see some sample websites?

We thought you would never ask. You can see a few sample websites from Our Portfolio.

7. Will my website be penalized in any way?

No way! We take pride in our personal relationships with real bloggers. We do not use directories or article submission sites so you don’t have to worry about any type of spam associated with your website.

8. What are the benefits of Guest Blogging?

Guest Blogging is a great way to partner with larger sites. Not only does your website gain greater exposure and potential referral traffic, but you’ll receive relevant links from reputable websites. To Google, links act as votes – the more votes the higher you’ll rank. It’s that simple and guest blogging is a great way to build high quality links.

9. So Guest Blogging helps with SEO?

Yes, inbound links (or links to your website) are the number one ranking factor when it comes to search engines. We build links to your website through our guest blogging services. Each guest blog includes 2 links to your website. Even better, you get to specify the anchor text and landing page.

10. How many links are included?

It depends, but most websites are willing to accept at least 2 links per blog post. Both links will be in the body of the blog post.

11. Can I choose the anchor text/keyword target?

Yes! You’ll tell us the anchor text and landing page for each blog post during checkout and we’ll naturally incorporate it into our writing.

12. How much does it all cost?

Our packages start at $375, or $75 per blog post.

13. Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, we provide discounts on bulk orders. Please contact us to discuss our options.

14. What is your turn around time?

Most guest blogs are published in 7 to 10 business days.

15. How do I place an order?

You can visit Our Packages to place an order.

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Our Services

The SEO Benefits Of Guest Blogs

Guest blogging is one of the most-powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to improve your search rankings and drive targeted traffic.

If you are unfamiliar with the idea of guest blogging, it’s really quite simple. First, you write a well written post that’s relevant to your website, business and brand. Next, you contact a blog within your niche or a related niche that has an established following. You offer to exchange the content you’ve written for a link back to your site. It’s a win-win for both parties - the established blog gets great (free) content to publish and promote and you receive an inbound link to your site.

And why are links so important? Out of 250+ ranking factors, inbound links are most important. Yes, links to your website are the #1 SEO ranking factor. Links to your website act like votes, the more votes the higher you rank. It’s that simple. To save you time and money, our guest blogging services are .a great start to your link building strategy.

Links And Luck (the two rarely meet)

Inbound links to your website are the most important SEO factor, yet they can be difficult to obtain. Website owners are unlikely to respond to unknown emails, and building relationships one-by-one can be time consuming with no guarantee of ever acquiring a link. But you need to build links from reputable websites with a similar following - which is why guest blogging makes so much sense. In essence, you are trading something of value for something else of value, which is why the arrangement works so well. Rather than money, you are offering up your opinions and expertise in the form of a great blog post.

The last few words of the previous sentence are most important - a ‘great blog post’. Simply throwing together words on a page will not get you or your website noticed. You have to put forth a genuine effort to create quality content that other website owners will be proud to share to their audience. No one with a successful site is going to risk his or her reputation by posting a poor blog post, so it is absolutely critical that you craft a customized and high-quality piece of content.

While guest blogging is usually focused on obtaining that all-important backlink, there are plenty of other benefits as well. More specifically, you get the chance to present yourself as an authority within your niche. In demonstrating your thought leadership and sharing you knowledge, you’ll attract the attention of social media fans and followers that are likely to translate into visitors to your website. Growing an online audience can seem like a daunting task because it happens one day, and one person, at a time. Creating content and pitching guest blogs can only work to increase your influence, and eventually grow your business. Let us create quality content to attract more customers and acquire better backlinks.

Guest Blogging Features

You may have seen other guest blogging websites offering a similar service, but we are confident that you will find TheGuestPosts to be a cut above the rest.

To start, we only use White Hat SEO techniques, meaning you don’t have to worry about your website getting into trouble with Google or any other search engine. If you want to put your website on the right path toward a top spot in the rankings, you will steer clear of anything ‘shady’ or questionable. You won’t find any spam here.

In fact, we only work with Authoritative Websites – links only matter if they are relevant and come from reputable websites . We use both Moz Domain Authority and Majestic Trust Flow to measure authority, so you can rest assured that your guest blogs are only published on the biggest and best sites in your niche.

Some of the additional features distinguishing our services include :
  • Niche Sites – Relevancy rules so we won’t just post your content to just any site. Our network includes thousands of sites in every category, including automotive, business, home improvement, parenting, fashion, lifestyle, technology and travel.
  • DoFollow Links Only - If a site posts your content and then adds a NoFollow link, that link isn’t going to do you any good from an SEO perspective. We make sure all links are DoFollow so that you can get the appropriate“link juice” from Google and similar search engines.
  • Unique & Compelling Content - Poor quality blog posts aren’t going to do anyone any good, but you don’t have to worry about that when using TheGuestPosts. All of the content we create is original and unique, positioning your brand in the best light possible.

Why Choose Us

TheGuestPosts connects you to hundreds of websites in every category imaginable, meaning we’ll always match your business to a larger brand in your niche. And not only do we take care of creating the content and contacting bloggers, but we keep customer service top of mind. Our singular goal is to deliver on just one thing and it's in our name. Our guest blogs build brand awareness, build backlinks to your website and increase your search rankings - one post at a time.

Interested? Get Started

Advantages of Guest Posting Service

Guest posting is presently being considered as the best natural method of generating credible back-links that actually go a long way in helping your web pages rank higher on search engines like Google; that being said, it is more important that guest posting is carried out by maintaining high quality and natural methods or it wouldn’t be anything more than just another non-effective attempt at generating back-links. By hiring our guest posting services, you get following advantages:

  • We Give your Website more Exposure: High quality content is becoming more and more relevant and so more and more important with days passing by. People now look for all sorts of information on Internet instead of TVs and newspapers. Only with our highly researched and compelling articles you can expect niche traffic to flow in to your website, giving it the right amount of exposure it needs.
  • We Build Only Credible Back-links: Each and every guest post we publish on a high PR and high DA host blog, we get a chance to leave a link pointing to our client website. One of the prime objectives of guest posting is generating a diverse back-link profile, which helps in boosting the SERP of your website. Along with getting an instant back-link the same link also helps drive traffic to your website as the people reading the guest post are likely to click on the link and come to your website.
  • Building Credibility and Rapport: A website, which has more and more number of guest post articles written across various domains will always have more credibility compared to the similar niche website without any guest posts or with just a handful ones. It would be an understatement to say that becoming an approved contributor or author on many high PR domains is not something easy to achieve. This is where we come into picture and put all your worries to an end.
  • Social Media Boost: If a reader likes the guest post published by us, there are very high chances that he would share or like the link, which in turn will also put your link embedded in the web page in the eyes of social media. Moreover, whenever someone clicks your link and reaches your website the chances of them sharing and liking your website becomes much higher, giving that much needed social media boos your website deserves.

Outsource Guest Posting to US

Have you just received a huge guest posting order that you can’t fulfill in-house within a deadline? Well, we are here to end all your worries related to guest posting services. You can outsource the heavy requirements to us and concentrate on generating more business for yourself. Sub-contracting such works to freelancers and novices can put you into trouble; this is why it becomes important to outsource such guest posting requirements to a professional agency like us. We even encourage the SEO resellers to get affordable guest hosting packages from us and resell them as their own brand as per their own terms and conditions.
Advantages of Outsourcing to Us We give you many reasons to consider us while outsourcing your guest post projects. To begin with, we pledge to give you 100% original, unique, well researched, informative and compelling articles. More importantly, our seasoned web content writers are known for creating viral content that usually become a hit in social media networks in no time.
Advantages of Outsourcing to Us We give you many reasons to consider us while outsourcing your guest post projects. To begin with, we pledge to give you 100% original, unique, well researched, informative and compelling articles. More importantly, our seasoned web content writers are known for creating viral content that usually become a hit in social media networks in no time.
Quality Assurance The service offered by Guest-Postings.Com is also of top quality, as we make sure each and every project outsourced to us is delivered well within the stipulated deadline. We also keep giving you phase by phase reports of the projects outsourced to us as well believe in keeping our customers in the loop in whatever we do. One of the biggest issues of guest post service providers has been publishing client guest posts on blogs that belong to private networks. We refrain from doing anything similar and every article developed by us is only published on high DA domains that have high Page Rank as well. We make guest posting simple for you; all you should do is explain us the requirements that you have and see our experienced writers and SEO professionals do their work and deliver your project with high quality within the deadline. On the other hand, you can just sit back and watch your profits grow.
Bulk Discounts for SEO Agencies and Resellers Resellers can contact us to get more discounts on our entire guest posting packages. Once sold, we detach ourselves completely from the articles written by our in-house writers, giving you the complete liberty to resell the guest posts once again at your own price and as per your own terms and conditions. Our guest posting packages are very competitively priced and with added discounts it becomes a steal deal for the agencies and resellers,considering the quality that we maintain throughout all the projects.

Our Services

Features Of Our Exclusive Guest Posting Service

We provide exclusive guest posting services like none other in the market, and its salient features include –
  1. 100% White-Hat Penguin-Safe Service – We build only natural and high quality backlinks by contributing guest posts on reputed blogs. We adopt only 100% white-hat natural guest posting approach, and hence it can never trigger a penguin penalty. In fact, our services are known to be the ultimate Penguin-killer!
  2. Quality Assurance – Every content piece is crafted with highest quality standards, and produced by only veteran writers who’ve extensive experience in the industry. We never allow newbies to try their hands at your projects, and pass all the articles through Copyscape premium check to ensure ZERO plagiarism
  3. Hand-picked Blogs – We scrutinize each blog before getting a guest post published on them. This ensures that your website never gets a toxic link, which may cause trouble in future.
  4. Deadline Guarantee – We always make it a point to deliver the projects on-time, because we totally understand that time lines are important in execution of link building campaigns. So, whether you order just one guest post, or a dozen, we make it a point to deliver them within the deadline.
  5. Only Authoritative Blogs – All blogs that we select have Google PR1+, DA 20+, and hence every single link generated through the guest posts do wonders to your website’s back-link profile, and boost the SERPs.
  6. 100% Real Blogs – We never make use of any private blog networks; all the guest posts are published on 100% real blogs with real readers who can become your potential customers in due course of time.
  7.  Only Relevant Links – We procure links only from relevant blogs in your website’s niche. Hence, there’s no possibility of a possible Penguin penalty due to irrelevant links.
  8. Pricing Advantage – Our guest posting packages are priced extremely economically. And, we also offer bulk discounts on larger orders to make the deal all the more enticing. 
So, get in touch with us today to outsource your guest posting projects to us, and take advantage of the experience of our veteran digital marketers who’ve been helping hundreds of businesses in promoting their offerings on the World Wide Web.